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Curriculum And Methodology

Over the last few decades everything has changed in our lives with the all pervasive intervention oi' technology. However classrooms have remained untouched by technology. The classrooms that our grandparents went to are exactly the kind of classrooms our children study in Chalk and blackboard a packed classroom, text books, regimented curriculum, a teacher painstakingly explaining abstract concepts with the limited tools at her disposal.

The Lords School brings about a complete transformation in classrooms in the Form of smart class. It can explain the fine points of the process. zoom in to show the relevant visuals Freeze and annotate when and where to emphasize.

By this unique teaching methodology teachers gain complete attention and interest of every' child in the class. Every child gets a visual input on how it happens and the concepts are well Understood and internalized.

Curriculum and Methodology Description

Learning through experience and exploration
When children enter school, they regard learning as a pleasurable experience and so are naturally inclined and eager to learn. It is important that the program reinforce and build on this positive attitude by offering varied stimulating and enjoyable experiences.
The knowledge and skills that children acquire by the end of kindergarten and elementary school, along with positive attitudes towards learning developed in these early years, form the basis of effective learning in their later years of school and post secondary education.

Teachers ensure that learning expectations are met
Competence in language, reading, mathematics, science and technology is developed systematically. Teachers integrate subject knowledge into a variety of active techniques suitable to the developmental stages of the children. The Lords School have high learning expectations of children within a healthy, stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Children learn through direct sensory experience
Children are naturally curious about their world and are eager to learn about it. They need to manipulate, explore, and experiment with real objects. Play is the serious work of children.
Through it, they clarify information, integrate ideas from their previous experiences, and explore and experiment with their environment. Play also gives them the opportunity to add knowledge, learn new skills and practice familiar ones. They learn to deal with their feelings, interact with children and adults and resolve conflicts.
Finally, children develop their imaginations and creativity and learn to solve problems.

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