Katron Manal Road, Village, Ramnagar Chhanna, Sherpur-148025, Punjab

Phone:  01675-233342

Our Faculty

Our faculty members with their diverse educational and personal background bring to this campus a rich variety of knowledge and experience that contributes to global aware-ness and a better understanding of education. TLS teachers have a commitment to students that stretches from classroom to dining room to athletic field and every place in between. They share the joy of a child who has worked hard to com-plete a project, and the pain of a losing team. They know when to listen, when to advice and when to simply give the children time to sort through things on their own. They are Determined, Dedicated and Demonstrative.


“A real Guru is one who is born from time to time as a repository of spiritual force which he transmits to future generations through successive links of Guru and Shishya (disciple)”

It has been well said “A dedicated and sincere faculty is the foundation stone for the proper functioning of school” TLS faculty has left no stone unturned. They possess the qualities:-

F – Fabulous
A – Accessible
C – Capable
U – Unique
L – Loyal
T – Tolerance
Y – Young

Make their school feels proud of them. TLS is proud to have a team of sincere, dedicated and self motivated faculty. They explore the limitless potential of young minds by imparting education with love, devotion and creative means. Their focus has always been an all round development of the students and to prepare them for tomorrow’s competitive world. VMPS faculty works on 3D’s formula

“Determination, Dedication and Devotion which help them to lead and become the leaders.”

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